Style Crush: Wide-Brimmed Hats

Wide-brimmed hats are the ying to my cool-girl style yang at the moment. Whether your look calls for a wool fedora or a straw hat woven for sun protection, wide-brimmed hats are my favorite way to throw shade this year. 

My obsession started when I learned about Akubra Hats - an Australian-apparel staple that was designed with the outdoorsy Aussie in mind. While milling around Sydney's CBD, I fell in love with an R.M. Williams window display that boasted the crispest Akubras this girl has ever seen. Known for their finely-crafted leather boots, R.M. Williams teamed up with Akubra to create a beautiful collection of hats in the iconic silhouette. 

Shied away by the hat's $200+ price tag and the thought of being all hat and no cattle, I walked away without a new hat in hand. Though that didn't stop me from trying on hats at nearly every other store I walked into while in Sydney. 

My hunt for fresh wide-brimmed hats led me to the internet. I landed on a couple of beauties in my search for the one. The one brand that consistently keeps catching my eye in the headgear arena is Lack of Color.


Lack of Color is an Australian label that produces a range of hats in seasonal colors and styles at agreeable price points. You've probably seen their work atop many an Instagrammer's head. Their bohemian, carefree aesthetic is what draws me to their brand most. Anyone else getting retro '70s vibes from the shots below?

I've rounded up the widest and classiest set of hats from Lack of Color below. I made sure to include a healthy mix that would complement varying climates and tastes. Which one would you go with?

Share with me your favorite hats in the comments -- I'd love recommendations!