Style Crush: Neon Signs

You've likely seen these LED lights cropping up in matcha-obsessed coffee shops and über-trendy boutiques. Even their electric hum-buzz has somehow become an acceptable part of our white-noise symphony, which already includes silent push notifications from our vibrating phones and click-clacks from our type-happy fingertips. 

Move over sad desk lamps. It is the age of neon signs.

They have made quite the impression on commercial interior design. With the seemingly boundless number of color-ways and designs one can dream up, neon signs can fit in with the grooviest of modern aesthetics. The limit does not exist with neon lights. 

The signs satiate our desire for pops of color amidst our other current infatuation: minimal, monochromatic decor. It also touches on our norm-core predilections. As millennials, we love to tackle the tacky and reimagine it in ways that fit our 21st-century vision. Seen as retro by others, but fawned over as on-trend by the cool set.

Neon-light mania has seeped over into home-decor trends as well. That's right. You, too, can be the proud owner of a neon light set. Flick it on your kitchen wall or hang it over your bed. Either way, you'll be rocking it with the best of them.

However you decide to tap into the neon-light movement, be sure to remember design's cardinal rule: moderation is key. Lest you'd like your space to resemble the Las Vegas strip 😉