Product Crush: Good & Clean

Product Crush: Good & Clean

Awkward teen years. We all had them. Between the braces and the gangly limbs, puberty can be a menace to already-fragile teeny-bopping egos. As a thirteen-year old, I remember feeling as though I was in a perma-gawky state fumbling over my words when talking to boys and tripping over my feet when walking away from said boys. *shudder*

Despite all of the cringing and whinging that accompanied my adolescence, I had a couple of things going for me. Great grades in school, great set of gal pals and great skin (thanks, mom!) My skin-care regime consisted of nothing more than Dr. Bronner's castile soap and a mild sunscreen to keep it A-1. It wasn't until I went to college that I began experimenting. Not the kind of experimenting that makes parents shriek, but the kind of experimenting that made my skin freak (out). A word to the wise: be choosy with what you put on your face - not every sample from Sephora is your derma-friend.

It was then that I truly came to appreciate my clear skin - never really having to worry about splotchy skin was a blessing. With age, I grew to be very discerning with what I lathered on my face. After a period of trial-and-error of several skin-care regimes, I've finally curated a skin-care lineup that makes my pores siiinggg. Kiehl's will forever be my sunscreen pick and, my newest find Good & Clean is my ultimate, everyday skincare line. 

Started by Candice Shelley, a dear friend that I met in Bali, Good & Clean uses simple, hydrating formulas that your skin will absolutely drink up. Too boot, the brand has a strong eco-bias that promotes enviro-conscious practices and charities. Every time customers hit the buy button, Good & Clean donates 10% of their order total to charities funding the protection and conservation of The Daintree Rainforest, The Great Barrier Reef and Marine Turtles.

Do Good. Get Clean. A motto we can all get behind. ❤️

The thing that amazes me the most about Good & Clean is that it works so well in disparate climates. I visited Australia with my Good and Clean products in tow, and it not only kept my skin supple during the flight, but it also kept it glowing in Sydney's cooler climes. From humid Bali to cool Sydney, Good & Clean maintained my skin's equilibrium.

The incredibly nourishing skincare line includes a cream cleanser, a moisturizer and a toner. Candice spoils us further by including a muslin face cloth in the basics' kit to buff your face as you wash it.

The rest of her product line includes body scrubs (yay for a cellulite-bashing coffee scrub!) and a buttery lip balm that'll replenish your pecker with moisture. 

Now that you've tried the rest, why don't you treat yourself to the best? This stuff is seriously so good... not to mention, isn't the packaging just so dreamy? 

What are your tried-and-true skincare tips? Spill below!