Design Crush: Garance Doré

If I could have Anthropologie serve as my closet, where I could come, go and wear as I please, I would want for little anything else. Though, as enamored as I am over midi dresses and mustard-colored tees, Anthropologie's coffee-table book selections have the strongest pull on my attention.

Late last year, deep in the textiled, color-rich maze of Anthropolgie, I was getting my literary fix thanks to a book titled Love Style LifeThe millenial-pink toned book is written by none other than Garance Doré, a multi-hyphenate, french-accent wielding creative soul.

Ready for a laundry list of the many hats she wears? Here goes: she's a photographer, illustrator, blogger, YouTube vlogger, and a New York Times best selling author. Wheeew!

I find her illustrative work to be like a tall glass of water.

Simple. Refreshing. Pure.

Her writing is just as delicious. She breaks the fourth wall in each blog post and makes readers feel as though she is talking directly to them. Don't think for a second that I'm immune to her charms. I've fallen hard for her French-girl-next-door voice, which is palpable in her writing and illustrations. At this point, my imagination has her pegged as my impossibly cool, well-traveled girlfriend that I infrequently meet with for chats over herbal tea.  

Her "all the best and none of the rest" vibe is just what your eyes + mind need after a day of spreadsheets and number-crunching. Get hip to Garance with a few of my favorite posts she's penned:

Did I mention that she's funny as all hell? Girl's got a humorous streak, and she shows it off in every post. 

Click through on her art below to see about getting one for your walls. Go ahead. You know you want to.

Back to the book that I mentioned I couldn't put down in the middle of Anthropologie - Love Style Life. Instead of denying her love for fashion and beauty, Garance chooses to use those interests as lenses through which to share her life story and empower women.

It is not a weakness to take pleasure in shopping. Nor is it trivial to know the latest in matte lipsticks. Garance sees the strength in beauty and recognizes the diverse ways in each we define it in her book. She muses about the transformative power it can have in someone's life once he or she takes ownership of their beauty definition.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty grows as we grow into ourselves.
— Garance Doré

Find me at your local Anthro — I'll be the girl reading the books 😉

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