Design Crush: Cocorrina

There are a couple of online destinations that completely absorb me. As in, three hours could pass, and I honestly wouldn't notice time float by if I'm on some websites. By far, my favorite rabbit hole to fall into is the almighty Pinterest. Most pinners usually get sucked in by the 'just-how-did-they-do-that?' tutorials; though, I'm drawn to the hand-lettering and stationery pins. As much as I go gaga for many designers' works, there's one in particular that I will always swipe right for - Cocorrina. Cocorrina, known as Corina to her friendlies, is a talented hand letterer, designer and art director, who lives on a Greek island that is so exotic, you've probably never even heard of it (it's called Kefalonia if you're curious).

Corina's work just does it for me. It's fun, beautiful and has heart. She's dipped her toes in nearly all of my favorite design trends. From metallic type to neon-light inspired prints, I'm convinced that Corina designs just for me.

Print created by Cocorrina.

Print created by Cocorrina.

GIF created by Cocorrina.

GIF created by Cocorrina.

The 'undone' flavor of her work is what really gets me going. Her designs are not extensively edited or manicured - they're human. You can see Corina's touch in every pen stroke and paint splatter. It's that vulnerability that transcends to her massive Pinterest following

Her work not only catches the eye, it also captures hearts. She recently welcomed a baby boy into the world (hi, Jason!), and I can already see how the bundle of joy has and will continue to inform her design work. She's also vocal about her fem-views. This one isn't a shy women's rights supporter. By sharing + letting her audience in, she's cultivated a community that values and celebrates the authenticity of her work, in addition to the obvious beauty of it all.

I'm highlighting a few of my favorite Cocorrina collections below:

Illustrated Cocktail Recipe Collection

Stationery Work

Hand Lettering Projects

To shop her gorgeous work, click around below to see about getting a piece for yourself. Fill me in on which pieces you like most in the comments!