Style Crush: All-White Bedrooms

These days, it's all the rage to be minimal. From the way that we dress to the way we meditate, minimalism has swept us all off of our feet and floated us off to simpler life-living ways. The minimalist ethos has translated itself into monochromatic-living spaces in the interior-design world. As an avid napper, I really took to the all-white bedroom trend like a baby to lullabies. 

I can't resist the obvious metaphor that white bedding will make you feel as though you're floating in the clouds. I can't resist it because I experience this each time I lay in my bed. As a white-bedroom convert, I can speak with authority on this topic - white sheets are the best-est. The color evokes cleanliness, serenity and all that's right with the world. One snuggle in and you'll be saying "I do" to a lifetime of all-white slumbers.

The Scandinavian-inspired trend looks swell paired with other neutral shades. Light wood cabinets, brushed nickel lamps and gray knit blankets work well as accents. I'm a HUGE fan of string lights, so I accessorize my white decor with a set draped over my bed. It's heavenly when I settle in bed in the evenings and flick them on. So ethereal. Soft lighting was made for snugglers like me ❤️ If you're feeling a touch-more electric, a neon-light display might pique your fancy. 

Layered Textures

To keep your bed visually interesting, consider varying the textiles you spread on top your mattress. Perhaps, a large waffle-knit blanket in a blush pink would suit. Or, you could go bold with Moroccan-inspired pillows and a shaggy throw. White bedding may seem limiting at first, but you'll quickly realize that it serves as a canvas for you to play our your wildest styling ideas.

White brick walls, healthy green plants and candles can take an all-white bedroom from good to great. Even the sheer canopies we were crazy for as pre-pubescent girls are making a comeback. You can modernize the use of canopies by draping them with seeming abandon. If it doesn't look planned and structured, you're doing it right.

Do you see yourself hitting the hay in all-white digs? Share with me how you make the dreamy trend all your own below👇