Destination Crush: The Boathouse, Palm Beach

Once upon a crisp May day in northern Sydney, mis amigas and I set out on a day trip to Palm Beach. The cruisy little suburb boasts incomparable views of the deep blue + the coziest-looking beach bungalows this side of New South Wales. I thought my eyes had taken in all they could feast on until we arrived at The Boathouse.

Have you ever been someplace where colors seemed richer, the air sweeter and life easier? No? Well, I insist you get your booty over to The Boathouse + include it on your Sydney must-visit list. 


We stopped in for vanilla milkshakes, watermelon juices and toasted banana bread, but we ended up staying because it just felt so damn good to soak up the sun on their outside seating set on a wharf. Their menu is just as sunny as you'd imagine with buttermilk scones, a cold seafood platter and raw green veggie bowls. Food that looks good, tastes good and makes you feel good. 

In no hurry to leave the sun-soaked cafe, we settled in for laughs and chitchats after slurping up every last drop of our drinks. Inspired by the beauty of it all, we were all a bit snap happy. 

I couldn't recommend this place enough -- it's as easy as Sunday morning, and it's waiting for you. Follow the map below to guide you there. Be sure to nab outside seating and ask for a sizable dollop of butter with the banana bread. 😋