Design Crush: Geronimo Balloons

I had a love-hate relationship with balloons as a little girl. One on hand, I found them SO pretty and otherworldly. I couldn’t wrap my little head around how they floated. Also, I would associate them with sugar-fueled happy times! But, if I dared take the balloons outside and let them graze menacing blades of grass - POP. Balloon bursts would make me burst out in tears. Not only did that mean the balloon was no more (RIP), but the loud noise would scare the bejeezus out of me.

While sudden loud noises and I still don’t mix, I can admit that I was a bit of a scaredy cat in my pre-pubescent years. I’m happy to report that I'm no longer a balloon-phobe. It’s all love between balloons and I nowadays. But, as a young adult with elevated tastes, I need something more than the standard mylar to tickle my fancy.

Enter Jihan Zencirli, the creative muscle behind Geronimo Balloons. The all-caps-caption-typing dynamo is a magician. She takes ordinary balloons and creates extraordinary installations. True masterpieces in their own right. No played-out Weiner dogs this side of Instagram.

What I love most about Jihan and her work is that she chose the path less travelled. I may be simple-minded in thinking this, but aspiring to become a balloon artist (and prosper wildly at that) is what many would call a pipe dream. But, Jihan did it. Her work makes people happy, and it goes without saying her installations are lovely. I love that she makes her living doing what she loves. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 11.32.28 AM.png

Follow her on Instagram for belly laughs (her captions are funnier than anything on Comedy Central, pinky swear) + a whimsical addition of bright colors to your feed. Look up #JIHANTHOUGHTS on Instagram to catch up on her witty musings.

BEFORE I FORGET, her designs were recently featured in an Insta post by none other than Kim Kardashian West herself. That sort of exposure is just the kind of publicity Geronimo Balloons deserves. Art created with heart is worthy of all the likes. Here's hoping that breaking the internet will now involve lots + lots of balloons.

Geronimo Balloons relishing in Kim K's approval

Geronimo Balloons relishing in Kim K's approval