Style Crush: Opal

To the uninspired, opal is simply a stone that sometimes displays other colors. To those who see the world in technicolor (i.e. those attracted to shiny things), we see opal as a magic-wielding stone that dazzles when kissed by the light. Also, with more varieties than I can wrap my head around, there is a colorway that meets virtually everyone’s tastes. Whether you fancy the look of the entire pacific ocean being captured in a stone or you prefer the dusky look of a thousand galaxies, there is an opal for you.

I’m drawn to the varieties that have veins of blue and pink dancing across the stone. With the same kaleidoscopic qualities as jellyfish, it's hard not to be all heart-eyed emoji over opal. The mystique. The beauty. The way it seems as though the gem is channeling the same electric current as lightning. You can’t tell me the gem isn’t worthy of admiration.

For a brief geology lesson, the silica spheres that compose the gem’s structure are the reason behind the mineraloid’s play-of-color. They diffract the light that hits the stone into the colors of the rainbow.

My opal obsession train does not stop at the gem station, I find myself swooning over anything opal inspired. From fluorescent hair color to iridescent nail polish shades, I’m here for it. 

If you're as enamored by the holographic gem as I am, you likely want some for yourself.  Get yourself a piece of the magic here: