kara tasi
kara tasi


The idea to start a blog came to me in 2014 during a multimedia journalism class in college. I had spent the year leading up to that realization obsessing over other blogs - secretly wondering how they managed to fill each post with flawless photography. I found it absorbing how the bloggers presented such picturesque lives filled to the brim with sun-soaked getaways and avocado toast.  As much as I wanted to share my musings online, I allowed the pressure to present a perfect life to keep me from blogging. 

I decided to start anyways. I actively decided to leverage my trepidation to create a digital space all my own. Authentically and unapologetically me. Rather than presenting a perfect life, I aim to share my mostly awesome, real life. To that point, I hope to get YOU excited about winning at your own game - whatever that may be. 


In Swahili, the literal translation for paper is karatasi. Coincidentally, my great grandmother was named Tasiana. So, the name of this blog is not only a reflection of my love for paper goods, but it also serves as a humble ode to the strong women that came before me and influenced my motivations. 

My editorial scope for Kara Tasi is simple. By contextualizing each post with design-centered commentary, I hope Kara Tasi inspires you to notice the beauty of everyday life more often. A life spent appreciating is a life spent happy. 


I am a writer and graphic designer based in Florida. I'm a daydreamer, a wannabe photographer and a girl that's not always keen on sharing her french fries. 

Born in Kenya, I developed an unshakeable love for culture. Deeply rooted in my home country's identity, diversity defines Kenya's landscape. We have savannah grasslands, near-desert landscapes and sandy beaches. Our people mirror the complexity and multidimensional nature of the country.